Water Dome

A Serene Waterside Haven

Nestled amidst Bliss’ serene setting, the Water Dome offers a peaceful retreat where the essence of water and contemporary elegance converge. It’s a refreshing oasis that connects you with the fluidity of nature, wrapping you in a soothing, luxurious embrace.

Serenity in

Cradled by gentle waters and soothing waves, the Water Dome is your sanctuary of serenity. In this haven, the calming hues and the soft murmur of water orchestrate a tranquil retreat, inviting you to unwind and reconnect with the flowing tranquility of nature’s aquatic elements.

Tranquility's Flow

Ease into the serene world of the Water Dome, where the gentle essence of water harmonizes with cozy comforts. Crafted for those who find tranquility in the tide and delight in the graceful simplicity of nature’s fluid artistry, this haven offers a peaceful respite from the everyday. 


Maximum capacity: 2 adults | Children Welcome


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